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Landlord insurance for your rental property is constantly changing and you need to be able to adapt as well. Do you have 1, 2 or more investment properties? If so you are constantly trying to maintain a balance of revenue and expenses. One of you biggest and most important expenses is landlord insurance.

With any business we understand that it is best to protect your income stream. At we offer a time saving way to lower your insurance expenses and increase your protection. You most likely already have insurance on your rental property but is it the right insurance and is it the lowest price.

You no longer have to call multiple agents to get quotes for insurance. They will get your information to complete a quote and contact you for your business. This is a secure, simple, and efficient process of getting you the best insurance at the lowest price.

Spend more time with your family and less time worrying about being a landlord. Get the protection and service you need. Start by completing our simple, secure application now.

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Why Compare Landlord Insurance?

There are usually three reasons why a landlord would want to compare home insurance rates.

  1. Save Money - Current policy is too expensive and want to lower expenses
  2. Not Satisfied - Current insurance company or agent is not meeting expectations
  3. Just Starting - New to rental property ownership and need coverage

Price is not always the primary reason when picking insurance policies but it does have a big impact. The majority of insurance consumers' first look at the monthly cost of insurance and then factor in other benefits such as customer service and claim experience. Remember that insurance is only used if something bad happens and that is when you will need the best policy. Rate quotes on rental property insurance is fast and easy with our network of insurance agents happy to help.

All home insurance companies will try to provide the lowest premium for a landlord policy based on their profitability in that area. This is why it is so crucial to compare rates regularly so you know that the policy you purchased two years ago is still near the average premium. Insurance companies go in cycles so one company could be the lowest cost one year and the highest in two years. If you are a savvy landlord it will be worth your time to make sure you are not wasting money.

Rental Property Insurance Companies

We work with the most trusted insurance companies in the nation to provide you with the best policy at the lowest cost. You will get quotes from insurers like State Farm ®, American Family ®, Farmers Insurance Group ®, Amica ®, Allstate ® and Liberty Mutual ®.

Insurance agents will receive your request for a landlord insurance quote and contact you the same day to review the policy with you. Your information is securely sent to these agents immediately after completion of the application form which is only two simple pages.

As a landlord you are only successful if you're making money from that rental property. While it makes sense to choose the lowest cost policy for budgetary reasons it may come back to bite you in the long run. Look at the entire picture when choosing a landlord insurance company and consider the agent, company history, and premium when deciding. The average landlord will make a claim every seven years and when that time comes you will want a great claims experience which includes a responsive agent and claim representative.

Cheap Landlord House Insurance Quotes

Cheap landlord house insurance is easy to find if you look in the right place. We provide a simple web based quoting tool that landlords can get top insurance companies to compete for their business. In fact agents from leading home insurance companies are waiting to provide you with an insurance quote today. All they need is some basic information about the house you rent to others including the address, square footage and number of bathrooms.

After they get your request for a quote the agents will prepare the cheapest landlord rate possible and contact you. If they need additional information which could lower your rate and add discounts to the policy they may need to get that before providing a finalized quote.

Proper "Loss of Rental Income" Coverage Limits:

Be sure to have adequate coverage for loss of rental income on your landlord insurance policy. Most policies will come with a percentage of dwelling coverage for loss of rental income but this can sometimes not cover your full income during a time of loss.

Calculate how much rental income you bring in each month and multiple it by 12 months. This will give you the minimum level of coverage you will need in the event your tenants need to move out during repairs.