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Condo landlord insurance is essential to any rental property owner who needs to protect the unit and his/her landlord liability. In most cases this insurance is less than $30 per month and provides coverage against claims that arise from owning a condo or townhouse.

To get quotes for condo insurance you just need some basic information about the property such as the address, dwelling type, square footage, year built and security system. Then we ask what coverage you would like on the policy and in a few minutes you will begin to get multiple quotes from trusted insurance agents.

Proper protection is not something to put off, get coverage today. It is a very small cost each month but the protection you get will pay off later if something happens in that rental unit.

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What is Condo Landlord Insurance?

Condo Landlord Insurance provides coverage for your townhouse or condo unit which is rented to others. When you rent out your condo you need a specific insurance policy that will protect against claims that arise from owning a rental property. The primary difference between a landlord insurance policy and a condo landlord policy is the dwelling coverage. Most condos have an HOA (Homeowners Association) that provide insurance on the exterior of the condo.

Below are some coverage items included in most condo landlord policies:

  • Personal Property coverage - Protects your belongings in the event of a covered loss such as theft or fire. This only protects your property that is left at the home while it is rented to others. This usually includes furniture or other items that are used by the tenant.
  • Landlord Liability Insurance - Protects you in the event of a lawsuit for your negligence. This can include damage to other property or personal injury while at the home. Basic coverage starts at $100,000 but increasing it to $300,000 is only a few dollars per year.
  • Loss of Rents coverage - Helps pay for lost rental income while the tenant is unable to live at the house while it is being repaired from a covered loss. Often this occurs when there is water damage that requires the renter to move out for a few weeks or months so the condo can be repaired.
  • Building Property coverage - When you own a condo it is common that the exterior portion of the home is insured by the homeowners association. They will likely be the ones who maintain the property and have insurance for the structure of the unit. You will be responsible to carry some form of building coverage which covers from the studs of the walls in, including paint, drywall and other items attached to the home.

Condo Landlord Insurance Companies

We work with the most trusted insurance companies in the nation to provide you with the best policy at the lowest cost. You will get quotes from insurers like State Farm ®, American Family ®, Farmers Insurance Group ®, Amica ®, Allstate ® and Liberty Mutual ®.

Insurance agents will receive your request for a condo insurance quote and contact you the same day to review the policy with you. Your information is securely sent to these agents immediately after completion of the application form which is only two simple pages.